Wedding ceremonies with a theatrical touch by Wolf Heidecker


What does a consultation consist of?
I will meet with you, ask you to share your ideas, expectations, and what you want incorporated
in your Ceremony. We will talk about the history of your partnership so far, how you met, how you fell in love, hobbies you have in common, what your vision is of the future together.

Will I write your Ceremony?
Yes, following a consultation with you to determine what your story and your preferences are.

Will I take care of the legalities?
Yes, I will advise you on the documents required, and take care of the proper procedures and the related paperwork.

Do I have pre-written wedding vows?
Yes, I have a variety, as well as a number of interesting books of vows and readings from which you may make your choice.

What do I wear?
Traditionally, I wear a robe. In our consultation I will discuss your preferences, whether you wish me to wear my robe, a suit or a costume that fits the “theatrical” theme of your wedding.

Will I travel to perform a Ceremony?
Most certainly, with expenses paid outside the Greater Melbourne area.

Will I perform “Commitment Ceremonies” for those with alternative lifestyles?
Yes, absolutely.

Will I perform Renewal of our Vows - a Reaffirmation Ceremony?
With great pleasure

Will I perform Ceremonies or Rites of Passage other than weddings?
Yes, e.g. Welcome Ceremonies for Newborns, including appointment of guardians (good parents, also known as “Naming Ceremonies); 18th or 21st or any other significant Birthdays, New Home and Car Blessings, Funerals, etc.

Will I perform Ceremonies in languages other than English?
Yes, in German - Ihre Fragen werden auch gerne in deutscher Sprache beantwortet

Please feel free to contact me for further questions!